Following closely to a trend that saw Nakummatt supermarkets close shop, Suppliers who are still recovering from non-payment after Nakumatt’s collapse cost them KSh 18 billion have asked the Kenyan government to intervene in the matter of payments owed by Tuskys supermarket to them as they believe that the chain […]

In line with the Finance Bill 2020 that has now removed LPG from tax-exempt goods with the new value-added tax (VAT) charge in what is set to push it out of the reach of most households struggling with depressed incomes. Currently, the 13-kilogram cooking gas retails at between Sh2,100 and […]

Japan’s Honda Motor Co has resumed production at automobile and motorcycle plants in the United States, China, Turkey, India, and other countries after they were hit by a suspected cyber-attack this week, a spokesman said on Friday. The suspected attack comes less than a month after Honda reopened its North […]

The budget presented in parliament yesterday indicates the ICT sector received a total of Sh19.5b, down from Sh20.5b allocated earlier following rationalization by Treasury in response to the harsh economic environment arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Out of the budget, Sh10b has been allocated for ICT infrastructure development, Sh2.3b for e-government […]

Regional partner states have adopted the EAC electronic cargo and driver tracking system in a bid to enhance information sharing on trucks across the bloc as well as ease congestion and improve the safety of the goods on transit at the different entry border points. The system, which according to […]

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has begun paying out Ksh. 10 billion in VAT refunds following a presidential directive and release of funds by National Treasury to cushion businesses against the impacts of Covid-19. The refunds are expected to offer financial relief to businesses worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Spire bank which partially merged with Mwalimu Sacco two years ago is struggling financially after a grand launch and change of name from Kenya Equatorial Bank to Spire bank with an aim to INSPIRE. Spire Bank, majority owned by teachers through Mwalimu National Sacco, has sunk into a Sh254.7 million […]

Different financial institutions are now struggling on how to adjust the terms of the different loans they gave to their members whom some are now unable to pay due to the prevailing pandemic. Some people who worked in industries that have been shut had loans and sent on unpaid leave […]