I know you’ve hidden my ID anyway, but as a reader posted in one of the previous confessions, please choke my identity before you post…wueeeh!Here is my confession. I am a guy in the early 30s. Humble and naive looking but do not mistake me for the latter. I have […]

Hey everyone, I know My Identity is taken care of so this is my confession. I Am 26 years married to a man who is 10 years older but I loved him anyway.  Now, this idiot of a man use to cheat on me and every other time I get […]

Hi Mercy, kindly share my story and hide my identity.I NEED LOVE. The reason I’m shouting is ’cause it’s screaming in my head. I have had a rough 24 and a half years of my life and truth be told, I can never say I have been in a relationship. […]

How are you Mercy? This is my confession, please post it to the channel. It might be gross for some people so I would not encourage people who hate gross stuff to read it.  I am a 36-year-old man with no wife or kid, not that I don’t know how […]

Hey, Mercy I’ve waited for this for so long. Every day I tell myself that, “I have to write this down”, but then again I say no no no how do I start. I think after going through a few of the confession I am ready to share my experience. […]