NEC Corporation and SITA today announced a global partnership to develop market-leading solutions that enable a secure walk-through travel experience at airports, leveraging NEC’s I Delight identity management platform together with SITA Smart Path and SITA Flex. The partnership comes as airports and airlines increasingly look to low-touch and automated passenger processing in order to […]

Research shows that Kenyans spend over Ksh.5 billion a month buying beauty products. These include bath and shower products, cosmetics, skincare, baby care, oral care, and perfume products. Talking about perfume products, the local industry is largely dominated by foreign multinationals; which begs the question – are there not enough […]

Gaming is fast becoming a popular pass-time activity in Kenya, and since most people cannot afford to buy and maintain private gaming consoles at home then you can capitalize on this opportunity to launch a small business. One good thing about setting up a gaming lounge is that you don’t […]

It is said that water is life. Human beings and animals cannot stay long periods without water. Water being one of the basic human and animal needs, is always in short supply in many parts of the developing world. The shortage becomes critical during the dry period. Look around you […]

As an unhealthy lifestyle and stress increase among the populations, they will be in need of a quick solution that will quickly relieve the of this distress and massage business idea is one of the best to provide this solution and therefore one can reak up huge profits in providing […]

Candle making in Kenya is a profitable venture for anyone who would like to make a difference in society and nurture a business at the same time. In this article, we take a sneak peek into what it takes to start a successful candle production and retail business with the […]

Introduction When the English poet W.C Henley wrote the prophetic lines, “I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul” he should have informed us the reason we are masters of our Fate, the Captains of our Souls is that we have the power. Steven […]

The African Union’s Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has outlined ongoing trials for COVID-19, that are part of the continent’s attempt to find treatment and vaccination of the virus that has since wreaked the world and its economy. A total of five different trials were ongoing in Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria, […]

Get enough vitamin D Low vitamin D intake into the body means you risk dementia by 50% and this risk will increase by up to 120% if the deficiency is severe. The best way to get vitamin D is by walking in the sun. The human body synthesizes this vitamin […]